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Stop Saying Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes

Stop Saying Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes

Compared with the false eyelashes and mascara beauty technology on the market, the technique of eyelash extensions has many advantages, but many people always feel that eyelash application will have a certain impact on our own eyelashes. For example, after the eyelashes are grafted, their eyelashes become less, and after the grafting, their eyelashes become shorter. These erroneous remarks have also brought some wrong guidance to the audience. The grafting of eyelashes will not affect their own eyelashes. What is the reason? Please keep reading the follows.

First of all, from the perspective of our own eyelashes, our own eyelashes have a certain growth cycle, just like hair, they have their own growth period, vigorous period, dormant period, and shedding period. This is a normal physiological function, so even if the eyelashes are not grafted during the shedding period, the eyelashes will definitely fall off.

In terms of eyelash extension technology, the current eyelash extension technology can be said to be very mature. As long as it is a formal eyelash extension technology, it is grafted at a position 0.5mm-1.5mm from the root of the original eyelashes, which has no effect on the health of the eyelash follicles. It will not affect the growth of eyelashes.

Third, the choice of raw materials for grafting eyelashes The raw materials used for grafting eyelashes are also very critical, especially for people with sensitive skin! When the material of the eyelashes and the quality of the glue do not pass, it is easy to cause allergies around the eyes, and ultimately affect the growth of the eyelashes.

In fact, a false eyelash is glued to the middle of the eyelashes. This process will not touch the eyelids, and then fall off as the eyelashes fall off. 

Does this kind of eyelash application will ruin your own lashes? In fact eyelashes extensions mainly depends on the technique and material quality of the grafter (glue➕ eyelash material). If the first two conditions are met, the planting eyelashes will not harm the eyelashes.

Therefore, shops that choose eyelash extensions must keep their eyes open. In summary, when grafting eyelashes, as long as the selected materials are healthy and quality-tested, and the eyelash artist is professional in grafting eyelashes, then there is no harm to our own eyelash growth! So don’t be fooled by rumors anymore, just go if you want to be beautiful~~

But after all, eyelashes are the closest hair to the eyes, and they are also the most delicate hair. Therefore, when choosing an eyelash extensions mechanism, you must choose a professional salon. The eyelashes product, glue and disinfection equipment used by formal professional organizations are all trustworthy Yes, and the technicians are also professionally trained and skilled, which can ensure that the eyelashes are glued together clearly to ensure that the eyes will not be damaged.

Finally, on the day after the eyelashes are applied, please try to keep them dry and don't touch hot water, eye creams and facial creams. If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes, please pay special attention to it~ don't rub it hard. Remember to use a small lash brush every morning to take care of them (it’s much simpler and time-saving than applying mascara). Of course, eyelashes extensions  will fall off over time, external forces and other factors, we can repair them every other time (about ten days) Once, ensure even eyelashes.

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