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How to do the Lash Extensions Layers

How to do the Lash Extensions Layers

Rescue sparse eyelashes in a short time. Eyelash extensions application is the fastest way. Just lie down and sleep beautifully, and the effect will be immediate. Applying lash extensions become a trend, it’s normal more and more don’t wear mascara anymore and instead doing lashes extensions.   

As an eyelash artist, You must have met some customers. It has been a few days after the eyelashes are beautiful after applying lash extensions.Why are the eyelashes by some eyelash artists not layered and not in an arc? Especially the new eyelash artists. As we all know, eyelashes are composed of several layers. Generally speaking, eyelashes are divided into upper, middle and lower layers. Failure to select the correct grafting method during the grafting process will cause the above situation to occur. We can use layered grafting for grafting. 

1. Understand the layering of eyelashes

Eyelashes are generally divided into 3-4 layers. The eyelashes that need to be applied are the 1-3 layers. The first layer of eyelashes is the eyelashes close to the eyes, the second layer of eyelashes is below the first layer, and the third layer of eyelashes is on the third layer. Below the second layer, the layer of eyelashes closest to the eyebrows does not need to be done. The characteristics of this layer of eyelashes are relatively soft or very thick. After grafting, they are not on one level and affect the aesthetics.

2. The position

In the first layer, choose the appropriate thickness, curl, and length of lash extensions to apply under the real eyelashes to avoid seeing the joints when you close your eyes. The eyelash styles made will be more beautiful and neat. In the second layer, the lashes can be applied on top of the real eyelashes. In the third layer, the eyelash extensions are applied on top of the real eyelashes; avoid seeing the joints during the entire eye.

3. Length and Curl

The length and curl here mainly refer to the length of the first layer of eyelashes, then the second layer of eyelashes will increase accordingly. (Example: A full comb type needs to use 4 lengths of 8-11mm eyelashes, the upper layer of eyelashes use two lengths, the head and the tail of the eye are connected to the middle of the 8 and the 9 is not required to be grafted on the same curved line Change the length of the second layer to 9 and 10, and connect the head of the eye to the end of the eye to the indirect 10. And 11, the head of the eye and the end of the eye are connected to the middle of the 10 and the indirect 11, the length of each layer is different, but the shape of the short sides and the middle length will not change, and the hair peaks will become more fluffy and have a sense of hierarchy.)

So if the eyelashes are not at the same level and the curvature is inconsistent, we can use layered grafting.

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