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Remove Eyelash Extensions

Remove Eyelash Extensions

Keep a good eye on your lashes. Removing eyelash extensions is a delicate task, so you must watch the process, which is as follows:

Stand in front of a mirror and make sure there is good light in the bathroom. If necessary, turn on another light to prevent shadowed areas from obstructing your view.

Remove eye makeup. Remove mascara and eyeliner with a gentle eye makeup remover so you can see the real lashes and the false ones.

Apply adhesive remover. Follow the steps below to apply the remover:

Saturate a cotton swab with the remover.

Pull the upper eyelid slightly down at the tip of the eye. Close your eyes and pinch the soft part of your finger at the tip of the eye and gently pull the eyelid down. This way the lashes are facing down and you can see the false lashes.

Gently rub a cotton swab over the lashes. You want to apply small strokes from the tip of the eye to the corner of the eye so that the remover can slowly dissolve the glue.

Pull off any loose false lashes. After 15 applications with the cotton swab, you can gently pull off the false lashes by pinching them with your thumb and forefinger, which should be easy to do.

Remove any remaining glue from the eyelid. After removing the false eyelashes, apply a cotton swab to remove any remaining glue.

Wash your lashes. Pat some warm water on your face to wash away the glue remover from your lashes and around your eyes.

But we still strongly recommend remover eyelash extensions in a professional salon.

Go back to the salon where you originally had your false eyelashes done. False eyelashes are usually glued on with cyanoacrylic, or super glue. This glue is very difficult to remove without the use of specialized tools and reagents. It is best to go back to the salon and ask a professional to remove your false eyelashes if any of the following apply:

Most of the false eyelashes have "grown" off on their own and only a few remain. A trip back to the salon to have them removed is quick and usually free.

You may not be happy with the look of your false eyelashes. If you want to remove a full set of false eyelashes it's best to go to the salon and not mess around with them yourself.

If you notice a tingling sensation in your eyes a few days after getting false eyelashes, it's possible that one or two false eyelashes are stuck together, or that one false eyelash is stuck to more than one real eyelash. This is also easy to fix, but it's best to go to a salon.

If you're not comfortable with the skills of the original salon, just go to a different one. Some novice or less trained estheticians may make mistakes when doing false eyelashes, so if you experience any of the following problems, switch salons:

The false lashes look unprofessional. If the false lashes are bent, uneven, or ugly, then get them fixed by someone with trusted skills, or your real lashes could be damaged as well.

Feeling pain around your lashes. If there is a problem with the glue used to adhere the false lashes, it may cause discomfort in the skin around your eyes. In this case it's time to find someone with better skills and leave the one who messed up alone.