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Professional Knowledge for Eyelash Extensions ③

Professional Knowledge for Eyelash Extensions ③

4: How can I tell if the eyelash artist is professional?
Since it is slowly applied on one by one, it does take some time, however, with the number of different roots, the time spent naturally also varies, but normally about an hour to graft well.

First, the eyelash extensions time is about 60-90 minutes, more than the time unless the eyelashes are very difficult to connect, the other is not so experienced and professional! Secondly, the eyelash artist will match your eyelashes with the style you want, if it's too outrageous, it's not very professional, if you ask for outrageous models and lengths, they will give you better advice in due time. 


5: After the extensions, their own eyelashes tend to fall off?
In fact, whether you have eyelash extensions or not, our eyelashes, like our hair, will fall off automatically. So it is normal to see eyelashes falling off. The average lifespan of eyelashes is about 4 to 6 weeks, and we lose a few a day, but we may not notice it. Eyelash extensions are attached to our own eyelashes, and after the extensions are applied, the eyelashes become very long, so the normal shedding of eyelashes will naturally draw your attention and give you the illusion that they fall off easily.


6:Will they look unnatural?
There are many types of eyelashes. The eyelash artist will understand your preferences and your makeup habits when giving you extensions. If you are not used to wearing eye makeup, you can choose the most natural style, and the eyelash artist will recommend the most natural style for you, so that you can look like you were born with thick eyelashes and create a charming effect on your eyes.


7: How to maintain after applying lash extensions.
First of all, don't shed tears when you get eyelash extensions because the glue will turn white when it meets water, which will not only affect the beauty but also make you uncomfortable. If you don't touch the water for 6 hours after the extensions, it will last longer, and you must dry them with a hair dryer afterwards, so that the glue is completely dry before opening them, otherwise they will stimulate tears.

The second point, the problem of washing the face, the best advice is not to touch the eyelashes when washing the face, so as to maintain a very long time, but the base care is unlikely to do so, and trouble and tired. So when you wash your face, you can't avoid touching the water, and try not to rub your hands vigorously, your eyelashes will fall off and not look so good.

The third point is whether you can draw eyeliner. Yes, you can, but it's best to only draw the end of your eyes. After the eyelash extensions, it can be said that the eyeliner effect is self-contained, the eyelashes are black. If you draw on the eyeliner, the first clean is not clean, the second eyelashes will be messy and fall off quickly, so it is not recommended.

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