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Eyelash Extensions Applying for Beginngers ①

Eyelash Extensions Applying for Beginngers ①

In eyelash extensions, if you fail to master the basic techniques, you may make mistakes in the real world due to wrong habits and methods. Accurate basic techniques are the basis for successful operation, so it is important for eyelash artists to learn basic techniques in a practical manner.


1. How to hold the tweezers
Lash tweezers is the key to decide if your whole work is perfect. The correct use of tweezers is the most basic, but also the most important.

You need two tweezers, one in your left hand and one in your right hand (curved tweezers for false lashes and straight tweezers for real lashes).

When using tweezers, you should hold them however you feel comfortable, as long as it is easy to move them, so that you can freely adjust the strength of your thumb and forefinger.

When holding tweezers, the force should be evenly distributed between the two hands. If excessive force is applied, the force is likely to be applied to the customer's forehead or face, causing discomfort to the customer.

Because the tips of tweezers are very sharp, they are dangerous tools. It must be used with extra care not to stab or touch the customer's eyes.

Finally, the only way to extend the life of tweezers is revealed: prepare several tweezers, then one tweezers fixed to pick one fixed thickness of eyelashes; different roles of tweezers are also distinguished, single eyelashes, easy fan lashes and volume lashes. By doing this, the tweezers will last two to three times longer.


2. Head mold eyelash separation method
Apply disposable false eyelashes to the head mold and practice separating the eyelashes. Practice separating the eyelashes with tweezers while being careful not to touch the skin around the eyes or the eyeliner.

Use an eyelash comb to straighten the false eyelashes. Separate one lash at the reference point in the middle of the lash.

Tip: If you separate two to three lashes at the reference point, you will not be able to do a 1:1 lash extension, and you may irritate your eyes or cause stubborn hair loss. It is easier to hold the tweezers upright and use the tip of the tweezers to separate one lash. In addition, the direction of the hand and tweezers should follow the angle of the tweezers used to apply the false eyelashes.


3. Real eyelash separation method
For the actual operation, use the tweezers to separate the client's real eyelashes.

1. Use an eyelash comb to smooth out the real eyelashes.

2. Be careful not to touch the eyeline and use the tweezers in the direction and at the angle indicated in the head mold lash separation method.

3. For a 1:1 eyelash separation, make sure that the false eyelashes do not overlap with the real eyelashes next to them, and orient the tweezers one by one (the direction of the tweezers for separating only one real eyelash).

4. The better the direction of separation of the real eyelashes, the smoother the operation will be.

The human eyelashes are divided into 3 to 4 layers, so start from the bottom layer of healthy eyelashes (only if you start from the bottom layer will the eyelashes not be deformed).