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Professional Knowledge for Eyelash Extensions ①

Professional Knowledge for Eyelash Extensions ①

How to choose eyelash extensions look, studio, style and type? If you are new to the world of lash extensions, you’ll never regret reading this article. Described various knowledge of eyelash extensions in a professional way. If you happen to appointment your first lash done, you are in the right place.


The first point: what is eyelash extensions?
Many people have heard of them: what is eyelash extensions, plant extensions, and even micro lash extensions, and I really think that is so many name to call them. Eyelash extensions, the full name is eyelash extensions. Yes, that's the plant "extensions"! It also means that you put processed imitation eyelashes on your eyelashes instead of sticking them to your eyelids like you do with eyelashes. The glue used for eyelash extensions is different from the glue used for false eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions are more convenient for girls who need to wear makeup every day. But don't use your hands to yank them, they will pull your eye hairs out and affect the preservation time.


The second point: worry about whether the eyes will be red and swollen after the connection, feel itchy.
Many people have heard from their friends that eyelash extensions are uncomfortable, and that their eyes are red or stinging. There's nothing to say, it's usually because the technique is not up to scratch! Eyelash extensions are applied one by one to the eyelashes and do not touch the skin. The reason why they sting is that the eyelash artist did not completely fit the root of the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes, so when the eyes blink, the false eyelashes will poke the eyelids and there will be a slight stinging sensation. As for the redness of the eyes, there are two reasons: either tears flowed when the extensions were applied, or the eyes were not rubbed or exposed to moisture for a short period of time after the extensions were applied, according to the care requirements. To solve these two problems, it is very simple to find a skilled eyelash technician, find a formal eyelash institution! Do not be greedy for cheap to be practiced oh!


The third point: will not damage their real eyelashes?
I've heard many people say more than once: eyelash extensions will take away their real eyelashes, right? It may be that when you lose your eyelashes, the real eyelashes and false eyelashes will fall off together, and many people think that the false eyelashes are taking away the real eyelashes. In fact, this is not the case. Eyelash extensions are glued to real eyelashes with professional glue, but they don't fall off because of gravity. Even if you don't have eyelash extensions, you will still lose one or two lashes a day, you just don't always notice it. However, many people do feel that their eyelashes have become less with more eyelash extensions. Then you must ask yourself: do you usually have itchy hands to snap eyelash extensions, or even yank them?


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