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FAQ About New to the Lash Extensions ②

FAQ About New to the Lash Extensions ②

Q5: The longer the length, the better

According to the number of native eyelashes, about 120 ~ 140 are the best. Most people have natural eyelashes of about 120 ~ 140 (both eyes) because a real eyelash can only be connected to a false eyelash, and the thinner and softer new eyelashes cannot be attached to the false eyelashes. Controlled within this range, it is connected. The effect is the most natural. If the amount is exceeded, the original eyelashes are likely to break, and the gain is not worth the loss.


Q6: How to draw eye makeup after eyelashes are applied?

The eyeshadow can be painted as usual, and the eyeliner can be omitted. In fact, after finishing the eyelashes, it does not affect the makeup of the eyes, just continue the original makeup habits. However, because the eyelashes will become dense after the eyelashes are received, the effect of the invisible eyeliner can be omitted, so the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple, and the eyelashes will not be damaged.


Q7: How to remove makeup so as not to hurt the connected eyelashes?

Just choose a makeup remover. The molecule of oil is small, it is easy to dissolve the glue on the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off early, so you won't worry about choosing makeup remover. However, it should be noted that when you remove it, apply it first, and then wipe it in the forward direction. Remember not to rub it back and forth, so you can easily remove the eye makeup, and you are not afraid to hurt the lashes.


Q8: Can one eyelid also receive eyelashes?

Yes. There is a type of eyelash called LC curl that is specifically for this eye. The root of the eyelashes is a bit right-angled, and the outer corners of the eyelashes are turned inward, which can well avoid the problems of the original eye.


Q9: Will sweating cause the eyelashes to fall off quickly?

Not necessarily. The durability of eyelashes has a direct relationship with the technology of beauty eyelashes. Good beauty eyelashes can definitely make the eyelashes naturally and firmly grafted without affecting the health of their eyelashes.


Q10: How to extend the effect of eyelash extension?

Use eyelash growth fluid to enhance maintenance. At night, you can use the eyelash growth liquid to draw on the roots of the eyelashes to help the native eyelashes to be stronger and less prone to fall, and the eyelashes that are received can naturally be maintained longer.



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