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Eyelash Extensions Glue Recommend

Eyelash Extensions Glue Recommend

There always have questions for new lash artists; can you recommend good lash glue? Which glue is good? Recommend a kind of glue with higher durability...Various related issues.

Sure the durability of eyelash extensions is related to the glue, but the truth is the glue only makes up 1/3, and the other 1/3 comes from the technology of the eyelash artist, and then there is the care of the guests when they go home. These points are closely related. Therefore, high-quality products are necessary, and excellent and superb technology is even more necessary!

But how to choose a good lash extensions glue?

It is usually recommended to use slow-drying glue for beginners to practice. Since the novice is isolating the eyelashes, picking up the eyelashes, taking the glue and preparing to stick to the real eyelashes, it is easy to appear that the eyelash curler cannot be crooked, dropped, and the eyelashes cannot be found, etc. The operation speed of the novice is the entire slower one, if it is quick-drying glue, when you take the glue and prepare to attach it, the glue will have dried a little bit slower, and it will fall off quickly even if it is glued. So when the speed is slightly increased, adjust to the medium dry glue. When you are proficient, you can use 1-2 second glue.

Most experienced lash artists like fast drying glue. There’s a way to distinguish the quick-drying glue is shaking it and listening to the sound. The sound is very clear, indicating that the glue is quick-drying and uniform in concentration. It should be easier to use, and then drop it. Also could drop a glue to see the consistency, if the smoother the drip, the higher the brightness, the better the quick-drying. (This quick-drying glue is recommended for skilled eyelash technicians).

On the contrary, shaking it to listen to the sound is dull, indicating that the viscosity is high, and the drying speed is slightly slower. Of course, when many quick-drying glues are used below half, the sound will become smaller and smaller, and the speed of viscosity will slowly slow down. This problem is caused by not shaking it properly in normal use, so the top is thin the part is used, leaving the thick part. In fact, this is a waste of glue. Shake well every time if you don't want to waste it.

There are two kinds of quick-drying glue, one is very thin, and the other is a little sticky. Personally like the latter, this kind of stickiness is better! The very thin and thin graft will feel brittle after being blow-dried. Use tweezers to divide it and try it. It is easy to break apart. In this case, the guests go home and rub their eyes or go to bed. It is easy to fall off if you accidentally touch it. With a little bit of stickiness, it feels different when it breaks, and it will have a little toughness. The greater the tenacity, the stronger it is.

Here is some eyelash extensions glue for selection; we got 1-2 second fast drying glue, sensitive glue and super bonder glue, you can choose the one suits you most. Click here to learn more. 

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