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Eyelash Extensions for Different Eye Shapes

Eyelash Extensions for Different Eye Shapes

Eyelash Extensions Adjustment for Different Eye Shapes
Everyone has a different face and eye shape, so if you want to adjust your eye shape through eyelash extensions, you must first know your eye shape. Of course, professional eyelash artists will give you a careful eyelash consultation and design the right eyelash style according to your eye shape before the extensions are applied:

  1. Prominent eyes

If you have prominent eyes, you should choose eyelash extensions that are shorter than your real eyelashes and not too dense, otherwise they will look very unnatural.

  1. Heavy eyelids

If you have heavy eyelids, you will look tired. You can use eyelash extensions to cover the lines of the eyelids, so that your eyes will look more uplifted and the shape of your eyes will be adjusted to give a sense of spirit. 

  1. Droopy eyes

If you do not have double eyelids, your eyes will begin to droop in the middle. Therefore, when choosing the length of the eyelash extensions, the false eyelashes should be very short at the corners of the eyes, so that the droopy eyes can be adjusted into big eyes!

  1. Eye size discrepancies

If there is a big difference in the size of your eyes, adjust the length and curl of your eyelash extensions, using longer lashes for smaller eyes and shorter lashes for larger eyes.

  1. Upward-looking eyes

For eyes with upturned corners, eyelash extensions should focus on the front and middle part of the eyes, while shorter false eyelashes should be used at the corners of the eyes to reduce the presence of the corners and bring them down a bit.

  1. Smaller eye contours

If you want to correct the contours of shorter eyes, focus on increasing the length of the eyelashes from the middle to the back, because as long as the eyelashes at the back are long enough, the eye shape will look longer, so you can adjust the smaller eye shape to a slimmer one.

  1. Slender eye contour

Contrary to the above, if you want to make long, thin eyes look rounder, you should focus on the middle of the eye. By using longer lashes in the middle of the eye and adding a thicker lash effect, you can adjust a slender eye shape to a round eye shape.


How to Select Eyelash Extensions Style? Let’s talk the common two types.
Single Lash
Individual lashes is an extension that is applied to real lashes one by one. The advantage of Single Lash is its natural and well-defined extensions that give you false eyelashes just like your own. This type of eyelash extension is ideal for those who prefer a natural look and do not want to over-emphasize their eye makeup.

Easy Fan Lash
Also called bloom lashes, which are made by forming bundles of very thin, simulated lashes and attaching each bundle to a real lash to create a thicker, fluffier lash effect. The advantage is that it fills in the holes in the lashes and corrects any deficiencies in the lashes themselves. This type of eyelash extension is ideal for those with poor eyelashes or those who prefer thicker extensions.