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Easy Fan Lashes VS Individual Lashes

Easy Fan Lashes VS Individual Lashes

First of all, let's figure out what is easy fan lashes. Easy fan lashes also called self fanning lashes or flowering lashes. It's not premade fans, but special production craft that makes you can do fans from 2D to 10D easily without any professional skilled technology, even as a beginning lash artist. Its make fans automatically, which is easier than volume lashes. (volume lashes make fans by hand and need skills, special for those very experienced lash artists) Anyway, it's a very handy type lashes that can create perfect fans within seconds.

Individual lashes, also named classic lashes, one by one lashes. It's a simple, natrual-looking lash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. 

Precautions for easy fan application

1. Hard to make fans:

the fans are not drawn obliquely enough. (Pull the 45° angle to the right or the tip of the tweezers against the rubber strip)

2. Root part fork:

Push the flower to the left too hard or push the flower to the left too fast or the jacquard direction is wrong.

3. Adhesive shrinkage:

The glue used is slow or takes too much glue. You can use one-second quick-drying glue together.

4. Reasons for shrinkage after making fans

1. Reasons for too small fans:

For example, spring.

If the spring is continuously stretched within the range of the elastic force it bears, it will condense immediately if it is loosened; on the contrary, if it is stretched continuously, it will not condense even if it is released. The same goes for flowering. If the flower blooms too small and does not destroy the flexibility of multiple eyelashes, it will slowly shrink, which means that you have to strive for large flowers. Only when the flowers are valgus open, will they not shrink, and the stronger the sense of intersection of the flowers.

2. The reason for the glue taking position: The glue taking position should be at the backing strip. The flower takes the glue, the blossom is like an open hand, and then you keep holding the stretched hand with your other hand, and the glue is like this. Binding force, the more the binding, the smaller the flower blooms; the more the glue position is, the more the flower will shrink.

3. Reasons for using slow-drying glue: flowering should be completed with one-second quick-drying glue, and then quickly take the glue for grafting, too slow may cause loose roots or irregular shapes. If you use slow-drying glue, take the glue slowly, the glue dries slowly, and there may be wire drawing and glue drops.

Sava this tips (this tips from @bellalash)

Where you place your fan on a natural lash is important!
❌Do not apply too far up the lash or else you won’t achieve a dark lash line. Tt can weigh down on the natural lash and cause damage.
❌Do not apply on the skin as adhesive is a chemical and should not come in contact with the skin! This can also be uncomfortable for the client.
✅Apply extension 0.5-1mm away from the base of the lash line!