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Do Lash Extensions Shedding Ruin My Real Ones

Do Lash Extensions Shedding Ruin My Real Ones

I have heard so many girls say more than once: will I lose my real eyelashes if I get lash extensions?

It may be that when the eyelashes are missing, the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes will fall together. Many people think that it is false eyelashes.

Actually not. The applied eyelashes are glued to the real eyelashes with professional glue, but the real eyelashes will not be removed due to gravity. Hair has a growth and fall cycle. It will grow and fall.

Even if the eyelashes are not applied, they will fall one or two a day, but they may not notice.

But there are many people who think: The more you applying eyelashes extensions, your own eyelashes will decrease. Then you must ask yourself: Do you have itchy hands to buckle eyelashes, or even pull eyelashes?

Ask for thicker lash extensions also is the reason why your lash extensions shedding.

Some customers really have very few eyelashes, but they ask for thicker! Let me emphasizes: "NO! You are an eyelash artist, you are not a god! Customers are unprofessional, but we are professional. We must analyze problems for customers from a professional perspective, and help her solve problems in a professional way! This way your customers can always be your customers!"

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