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Cluster Lashes Q&A

Cluster Lashes Q&A

False eyelash teaching

Q&A 1: Do you recommend clear or black eyelash glue?

A: Absolutely clear lash glue! If you don't get the black color right, it will look dirty and cause inconvenience when you use eyeliner to fill the holes in your eyelashes.

Some people are accustomed to wearing black eyeliner that is more visible and thicker, so there are a lot of black eyelash glue available on the market. However, nowadays, eye makeup is popular with a natural, non-artificial atmosphere, so it is recommended to use clear colored eyelash glue, which not only keeps the makeup neat but is also more suitable for newcomers!


Q&A 2: What tools do I need to apply false eyelashes?

1. Eyelash curler
2. Clear eyelash glue
3. DIY lashes
4. Tweezers


Q&A 3: The order of applying false eyelashes?

1. Curl your eyelashes before applying

2. Draw inner eyeliner

3. Apply false eyelashes

4. Brush mascara

5. Adjust the thickness with tweezers.


Q&A 4: How to apply false eyelashes?

The face is at 45 degrees to the mirror
The first step is to determine the configuration of the face and the mirror. The best position is to "place the mirror at a 45 degree angle under the face". The face is facing straight ahead and only the eyes are looking down at the mirror. It is like not moving the mirror but the face.

Check the left and right
After deciding on the configuration of the mirror and face, confirm the left and right sides of the false eyelashes. False eyelashes for the right eye are a little different from those for the left eye. It's easy to tell the difference by remembering that the "short part" of the eyelash is near the head of the eye.

You can hide your eyelashes underneath your eyelashes near the root, so they don't show up easily, and you can hide the traces of the lash glue.

Generally, we put the eyelashes on the top of the eyelashes, which is the part where we draw the outer lash line, while the "bottom" is near the inner lash line. This method uses the curl of the false lashes to hold up the real lashes, so the curl will last longer and fit better with your own lashes.


 False Eyelash Tips

You can choose a single eyelash or a whole row of clear eyelashes.

For a full row of false eyelashes, be sure to cut and paste them in sections. This technique will prevent the head and tail of the eye from flying up as they do with a full row of false eyelashes, and they will fit better.

Remember to stick them at an angle of 45 degrees into the root of the lashes.

Lastly, you should brush your mascara firmly and then use tweezers to finish it off so that the real and fake lashes stick together.


False Eyelash Tutorial

What is the secret to making false eyelashes blend with your own eyelashes more naturally?

After applying mascara, use tweezers to curl your lashes together and use tweezers to curl the tips of your lashes to make your eyes look fresher!

The tip of the eyelash is a very important step and is essential for the now popular sunflower lashes. This technique makes the lashes look neater and prevents too many crossed eyelashes from turning into cockroach feet.