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20mm-25mm Long Length Lash Extensions

20mm-25mm Long Length Lash Extensions

You won't miss this if you are a long length lash lover! 

Fadlash 20-25mm long size luxury premium lashes extensions are restocked now❤ The extra-long length eyelash extensions is one of the hottest Hollywood beauty trends for fashionistas who want to have long and dramatic lashes, this will give you a Charming & Fluffy & Bomb effect✨ 

These individual eyelash extensions are made with Korean silk fiber, which is softer and lighter, creates a natural feel. It's one of the most popular classic eyelash extensions.

Featuring a deep black,semi-gloss finish for a luscious glamorous look. The Premium Lash Extensions are the perfect choice for any professional. With a tapered tip and strong base, these lashes are easy to apply and soft to the touch, while still extremely durable and long-lasting.

Except for premium lashes we also have easy fan lashes for the long length.

Easy Fanning Lashes Are Your Best Choice: the lashes are made of Korean black PBT. So soft, comfortable, and natural-looking. Perfect for professional, makeup salon and etc.

If you like long length lashes, you're gonna love it❤

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