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The lash tape is made of flexible & super thin polyolefin film and highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives, Designed with ventilation holes, Breathable and Skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable feel. The lash tape is a good...
This sticker can help you easier practice eyelash extensions and distinguish eyelashes length. Can be used to isolate and secure the lower lashes, ideal for eyelash extensions. Imported materials, eco-friendly adhesive stickers, accurate positioning. Great...
The Lip Brush is made of high-quality plastic and cotton, which has soft bristles, helpful in making a full and uniform color of your lips. The disposable lip gloss applicators are suitable for lip gloss...
The tape dispenser is light and keeps craft tape or masking tape, memo roll organized. The top of the groove and the bottom of the prominent supporting legs can be superimposed to save space.
Function:Reduce Puffiness Under Your Eyes - Give you cool treatments at optimal temperatures; Tighten Skin Pores - Roll on the skin after moisturizer to improve the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin. How...
Made of Silica Gel, Soft and silky to the touch. Perfect for curling and lifting lashes to achieve a seductive, dramatic look, they can also be used to separate lashes before and after mascara application...
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