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Private Label - Fadlash
Sale -50%
$15.00 $29.99
Private Label Customized Just For You Private Label Are Available OEM/ODM Eyelash Extensions Packaging/Box/Background Card False Lashes Packaging Please send us your logo before place the order, we'll show you the sample design❤ After sending...
Pre Fan Lashes Bulk Order - Fadlash
Sale -29%
$35.50 $49.95
About the product 5 trays pre fan lashes    p.s. Random Delivery ❤
Lash Teaching Kit - Fadlash
Sale -62%
$49.99 $129.90
If you are ready to the world of eyelash extensions but don't know which step you should do first, then you mustn't miss this kit. It's friendly for green hand and will enhance your skills. Fadlash...
Easy Fan Lashes Bulk Order - Fadlash
Sale -29%
$35.50 $49.95
About the product 5 trays easy fan lashes    p.s. Random Delivery ❤
Lash Adehesive/glue and Remover - Fadlash Lash Adehesive/glue and Remover - Fadlash
Sale -16%
5ml-5ml 10ml-10ml remover glue
$15.99 $18.98
Hotsale eyelash extensions adhesive and remover combo. 5ml adhesive + remover About the adhesive:  PERFECT FOR VOLUME AND CLASSIC! LATEX & FORMALDEHYDE FREE! ULTRA STRONG LOW VISCOSITY and HIGH FLEXIBILITY FAST DRY TIME 1-2 SEC About the remover: ...
Fadlash Christmas Limit Easy Fan Lashes Pre-sale products, order now get 35% off discount, and we'll ship on Dec.10 p.s. free gift will be sent to celebrate Christmas ❤  
Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.  Do you love the surprise and delight of opening a blind box art or toy figure?  There's nothing like the feeling of...
Tools Kit - Fadlash Tools Kit - Fadlash
Sale -14%
$63.99 $73.99
$73.99 Value, $39.99 NOW The tools kit include: one exquisite easy fan tweezer 100pcs Cleansing brushes 100pcs glue rings 50pcs eye pads 5ml glue 5ml remover 50pcs eyelash brushes 2pcs eye tapes
22 tryas Fadlash Lucky Bag Lashes - Fadlash
Sale -14%
$189.90 $219.99
ONLY ONE IN STOCK Lucky Bag Include: 1pc 5ml lash adhesive 2pcs easy fan 0.05-10mm-D 1pc new blue package easy fan-0.07-12mm-D 3pcs   2trays easy fan 0.07-11mm+13mm-D 1pc pre fan lashes 7D-0.07-MIX-D 1pc   3trays pre fan...
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