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Pick a Lash Glue

Pick a Lash Glue

First, the types of eyelash glue and its characteristics

  1. Natural glue: made of rubber tree emulsion, non-toxic and harmless to eyelashes and skin. However, the use of a shorter period of time, not strong enough, need to be frequently repaired.
  2. Synthetic glue: usually vinyl, vinyl alcohol copolymer, has a long service life, can always keep the eyelashes and the human body fit. However, it contains chemicals and is prone to allergic reactions.
  3. Non-stimulating glue: it is a stable, suitable for sensitive skin, as well as the human body to stimulate the eyelash glue, with no odor, non-irritating and other characteristics. However, the price is relatively high, not suitable for consumers with a tight budget.

Second, how to choose the right glue for their eyelashes

  1. People with sensitive skin are recommended to choose non-irritating glue.
  2. Beginners are recommended to choose a more solid eyelash glue, which can avoid the embarrassment of falling off in the middle.
  3. To choose the eyelash glue that suits your eye shape and eyelid. For example, for people with double eyelids, it is best to choose a glue that dries faster to avoid the glue having enough time to stick to the skin in case of long exposure time.
  4. When buying glue, pay attention to check the ingredients to avoid containing ingredients that produce an allergic reaction to yourself.

Third, eye care should be done

  1. Keep your eyes clean and dry before using eyelash glue. Do not use products such as eye cream or eye shadow.
  2. Gently apply glue at the root of the eyelashes.
  3. After use, you should use makeup remover oil or warm water to slowly clean, do not roughly pull off the eyelashes and glue.
  4. Summarize

Choosing the right eyelash glue for your skin and eye type is a very important part of the process of planting eyelashes, which not only ensures that the eyelashes fit well, but also reduces the allergic reaction that may occur. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to eye hygiene and care in the process, to avoid unnecessary damage to the eyelashes and eyes.


The right way to store eyelash glue

Summer is coming, the temperature rises, many stores have faced more or less problems with the glue! Today probably summarized a few points:

Improper preservation leads to deterioration of glue

Summer temperatures are high, some eyelash house ventilation is not good, or the use of air conditioning temperature does not reach the temperature of the glue preservation or use process, resulting in frequent glue replacement or deterioration resulting in waste!


① glue is best kept at a constant temperature of about 8-15 degrees!

② If stored in the refrigerator, should be taken out before grafting at room temperature environment to stand for at least 30 minutes before use!

③Shake the glue well before use, at least 20-30 shakes!

④ After dropping the glue, be sure to squeeze out the air inside the bottle and dry the bottle tightly screwed lid, keep it away from light!

⑤ Eyelash house is often ventilated and the temperature is controlled at about 25 degrees!

Eyelash extension glue can be kept chilled in the refrigerator. Once the glue is open it is easy to dry out, so putting it in the refrigerator can improve the effect of extending the storage time, and once the glue is open, it needs to be used up as soon as possible. Eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes that are attached to real eyelashes with an adhesive.