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Lash Curl Things

Lash Curl Things

There are some basic factors for eyelash extensions, thickness, length and curl style. Your lash stylist will select the most suitable for your application. Different eye shape and your own lash style need to match different specifications. Each different eyelash curl also has a different look.

Basically, the common lash curl can be divided into seven styles, J/B/C/D/CC/DD/L. But CC and DD curl have very tiny different compared to C and D, so the main curl type is J/B/C/D/L. (as shown)

Usually, C curl is the most common overall, but it depends on what kind of style you like. Lash curls are named to emulate what they look like. Each of these curls is unique in their own way and each of these curls is needed or used for different reasons. Such as cat eyes, hooded eyes, etc, need different curl to create a unique style.

J and B curls look very natural, just like wearing mascara. If you don't like drama, J and B curl will suit for you. Then we move along to C curls, the most popular one. C curls can be used on almost any eye, except for a hooded eye. But for very straight lashes, use L+ curl instead of a C curl. 

L curl also called L lift, this curl type is very friendly to Asian eyes. Because their eyes are usually very hooded and their lashes are very straight and their lashes always hid in it, use L lift will enhance their lash and enlarge their eyes.

D curl is the curliest of the lashes, besides the DD curl. Downturned eyes need to be opened up then use D curl, it's really great for that. 

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