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Fadlash New Year Sale

Fadlash New Year Sale

Happy 2020. The cold winter is here again. Start the New Year with Fadlash Eyelash Extensions. For office workers, it is a very happy thing to be able to sleep for half an hour a day. Removing eye makeup is really troublesome! Now you have other option-eyelash extensions. Choose a beauty eyelash that suits you, no eye makeup, no mascara, nude makeup is also OK! What are the other benefits of getting eyelash extensions?

1: Add self-charm and make you look more energetic

2: Protect eye health and let you say goodbye to the harm of false eyelashes

3: Reduce makeup time and let you sleep for 30 minutes more a day

4: Can achieve the same effect as real eyelashes

5: No need for mascara and eyeliner, naturally comfortable and without any discomfort

6: Eyelashes are thick, long and curly, making the eyes extra beautiful

The best part about eyelash extensions is that they’re totally customizable. You can go as dramatic or as natural as you desire. Natural looks are achieved by using classic eyelash extensions, as shown below. With classic eyelash extensions, one synthetic lash is placed on one natural lash. 

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings and plans. Most women look at New Year’s resolutions as a way to begin year-long self-improvement. Ready to treat yourself this New Year with amazing lashes? Get our lashes on 2020. 

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