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3 Basic Skills for Applying Eyelash Extensions

3 Basic Skills for Applying Eyelash Extensions

Today we are talking about three basic tips for applying eyelash extensions.

  1. How to hold lash tweezers

Operation requires two pairs of tweezers, one for each side (the right hand with curved tweezers to clip false eyelashes, the left hand with straight tweezers to separate the real eyelashes)

When using tweezers, there is no fixed gas, how comfortable how to take, easy to move can be, so that you can also freely adjust the strength of the thumb and index finger

When holding tweezers, pay attention to the even distribution of the strength of both hands, do not use excessive force to cause discomfort to customers.

Due to the sharp tip of the tweezers, has a certain degree of danger, must be careful when using, do not touch the customer's forehead or eyes.


  1. Split the lashes

A person's own eyelashes have 2 to 3 layers, and a few people will have 4 layers of eyelashes. It is important to start with the lowest layer of lashes so that the lashes are not pressed out of shape after the procedure.

Step 1: Using an eyelash comb, comb and smooth the real lashes, taking care not to touch the eyeliner. Separate one false lash from the base in the center of the lash. Make a 1:1 operation so that the false lashes do not overlap with the real lashes next to them, one by one, in the right direction.


  1. Find the right place to put eyelash extensions

Hold the false eyelash with tweezers at 2/3 of the way up, slowly lift your hand and pull it out towards your chest. Pull out and hold with tweezers in a diagonal direction. Holding the false eyelashes in place.

The international standard for eyelash extensions is to use one curved tweezers and one straight tweezers, as it is safer to do so. Usually it is a straight tweezers in the left hand and a curved tweezers in the right hand! Hold the curved tweezers in your right hand as if you were holding a brush, with a few fingers open so that your hand is more relaxed, and the straight tweezers in your left hand to frame the single eyelash to be attached! When searching for hairs (the single lash to be attached), use the curved tweezers to assist the straight tweezers. It is important to make sure that the roots of the extensions are well-fitting, so that the extensions stay in place for a long time and don't become stuck in your eyes the next day or the third day after the extensions are put in.

The stability of the hands must be steady.

To do this, you must find the support point of your hands, when there is a support point, after a period of correct practice, hands will basically reach a very stable state! When your hands are stable, your eyelash extensions will not move and will naturally last longer.

Note: If you use too much force when clamping the false eyelashes, they may be bent out of shape, so be sure to use the right amount of force.

If the direction of the lashes is reversed or not in a diagonal line, the lashes may be bent when the extensions are applied.