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       These are one of the best lashes I have tried. They are easy to work with, especially with my volume lash clients. The fans are very easy to make. I've been shoppiu around and have spent lots of money on "brand name" lashes and have found these lashes to be the best! Great lashes.... greater price
Amazing, great curl, great retention, variety of lengths, fluffy and soft, does just what it says; can be used as volume lashes.
Im a beginner at volume and these lashes fan beautifully! I’ve tried other expensive brands and they are extremely difficult to fan, but these making volume lashes a breeze! Love them I have bought these repeatedly. They’re very dark and their curls and sizes are accurate.
I am a beginner lash tech and I struggled a lot making volume fans, i would always practice and my fans won’t turn out how i wanted it. But these easy fan lashes are so easy to work with! This was the best tray i purchase so far!
Omg best lashes I’ve used!! Super silky soft lightweight and talk about easy pickup for volume fans ! Can’t wait to use these on my clients !!
All I use for my volume lash sets now! Curls stay beautiful for a long time! Will keep buying!
I love this brand and how easy it is to create fans. I’m a first timer and have bought pre-made fans before but I’m planning to use these ones from now on. Very soft as well.



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