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Lash Extensions Training Kit - Fadlash
Sale -50%
$59.99 $120.00
If you are ready for the world of eyelash extensions but don't know which step you should do first, then you mustn't miss this lash extensions kit. It's friendly for green hand and will enhance your...
Lash Extensions Tools Kit - Fadlash
Sale -41%
$43.99 $73.99
$73.99 Value, $43.99 NOW The tools kit include: one exquisite easy fan tweezer 100pcs Cleansing brushes 100pcs glue rings 50pcs eye pads 5ml glue 5ml remover 50pcs eyelash brushes 2pcs eye tapes
Lash Extension Supplies - Fadlash
Sale -31%
$89.00 $129.00
Fadlash Basic Lash Extensions Supplies. Perfect for beginners and experienced lash artists. This kit includes almost all the must-have lash extensions tools, a complete lash extensions kit you won't miss. The Package includes handy cosmetics...
Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit - Fadlash
Sale -45%
$39.99 $72.96
Fadlash eyelash extensions starter kits are tailored for lash beginners.  This lash kit provides you with all necessary lash extension supplies and tools that completely simulate realistic extension scenarios to help you perfect your techniques. This kit Include: 1pc...
Begin your Eyelash Extension journey with the Fadlash. It contains all the essentials you need to install eyelash extensions.  This package includes: Big Pink Fashion Tool Bag × 1 Classic Eyelash Extensions × 2 Easy Fan Eyelash...
All the lash extensions tweezers are made from durable Japanese Steel but lightweight. Perfect for both classic & volume eyelash extensions. This tweezers kit comes with a straight tweezer, a volume tweezer for fan making, a 90-degree...
It's a good habit to use lash shampoo and lash brushes daily, which will remove the dust and keep your lashes clean and fresh. Cleaning lashes is equally important for you to maintain your lashes...
You can make any great eyelash look at home by yourself now. New upgraded DIY Lash Extensions, which can keep 8-15 days no shedding. This DIY eyelash kit includes everything you need. You can enjoy salon-quality grafting products...
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